Buying a New Bed after You’re Married

Whether you were living together before the wedding or you are about to join all of your belongings into one new home, one of the most important purchases that you’ll make after you’re married is your new bed. It can be very difficult to adjust to a new house or apartment already, adjusting to a new bed on top of that can literally be a nightmare; especially if you’re trying to get used to a tired old mattress that’s already been used for a few years. If you purchase a new mattress instead, you can ensure that both you and your partner get a perfect night of sleep from now on.

However, buying a new mattress right after having a wedding presents its own challenges. First off, you’ll need to be able to afford the mattress after paying for everything related to your wedding. Next, you’ll need to pick out the right mattress so both people are happy. Both of these things can be easier said than done, so we’ll go over some important details one at a time.

Affording Your New Bed

Before you even consider what type of bed and mattress you want to buy, you first need to make sure you can afford it. Weddings are very expensive, so coming off the heels on one can make affording your new bed a painful exercise. However, if you plan properly and take advantage of your options you can easily buy the perfect mattress without having to take out a bunch of debt.

First off, you need to eliminate any expenses from your wedding that are completely unnecessary. Unfortunately, this means you’ll need to ask some tough questions about the things you were already considering to have for your wedding. For instance, do you really need to buy the longest-lasting wedding sparklers or will the less expensive ones work instead? Should you spend the money on roses or will carnations looks just as lovely on your reception tables? By making a few sacrifices, you can save a ton of money on your wedding that can be directed towards your new bed.


Additionally, you can ask for cash or gift cards from your guests instead of setting up a gift registry. Most couples make a huge list of smaller items that their guests can choose to purchase, but you can optionally choose a few large items and ask your guests to contribute to their cost. This is a great way to buy your first new mattress after you get married and you won’t go in debt to make it happen.

Choosing Your New Bed

Once you figure out how to afford your new mattress, the next thing you’ll need to do is chose the right one for you and your partner. You’ll be spending a good deal of your life in this bed between sleeping and lounging around, so you want to make sure everyone is comfortable. Many couples choose adjustable beds because each person can customize the feel and firmness of their own side of the bed. They are a bit more expensive, but many couples feel that it’s worth it to ensure that everyone is as comfortable as possible. No matter what type of mattress you choose for your first new bed after getting married, make sure you take your time and both agree on a selection to ensure a comfortable night of sleep.

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