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Futuristic bedrooms

During the constant rush, increasing stress and fatigue, it is important that you always return to your home with best possible sleeping conditions. Therefore, we all want our home equipped with comfortable bed all placed in nice furnished bedroom. While some like to practice minimalist furnishing, the others have almost futuristic ideas.

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Buying a New Bed after You’re Married

Whether you were living together before the wedding or you are about to join all of your belongings into one new home, one of the most important purchases that you’ll make after you’re married is your new bed. It can be very difficult to adjust to a new house or apartment already, adjusting to a new bed on top of that can literally be a nightmare; especially if you’re trying to get used to a tired old mattress that’s already been used for a few years. If you purchase a new mattress instead, you can ensure that both you and your partner get a perfect night of sleep from now on.

However, buying a new mattress right after having a wedding presents its own challenges. First off, you’ll need to be able to afford the mattress after paying for everything related to your wedding. Next, you’ll need to pick out the right mattress so both people are happy. Both of these things can be easier said than done, so we’ll go over some important details one at a time. Continue reading “Buying a New Bed after You’re Married” »

Choosing the proper bed height

Tall Nailhead Upholstered Headboard

Tall Nailhead Upholstered Headboard (Photo credits: West Elm)

Age, Height, Mobility and Personal Preference

Comfortable height for a bed frame, box spring and mattress will vary from person to person. Taller people may prefer a taller bed, whereas shorter people may have difficulty getting into and out of a tall bed. Those with limited mobility may need to have a taller bed that allows their feet to reach the floor and lets them sit on the edge without having to squat deeply. Others may require a shorter bed to make it easier to reach the floor in order to prevent slips and falls. For infants, the mattress height must be set according to the height of the crib rails for safety. The top rail of a crib should be 26 inches from the bottom of a 6-inch-thick mattress for children under 35 inches tall. Continue reading “Choosing the proper bed height” »

How to buy a proper bed

Does a rich guy sleep sounder than a pauper? One thing’s specific– he sleeps softer. The rich guy is cocooned by feather and goose-down pillows, atop a multi-layer sponge of calico-pocketed springs, hand-packed lamb’s wool, silk, mohair, cotton, alpaca and long-stranded horsehair. If he has put his cash wisely into his cushion, his bed will have no wrong side to obtain from, and he will have no product excuse for getting up in a grump.

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Choosing the right bed size

Choosing the proper dimension bed for an area could be an overwhelming activity. With a few fast actions, customers could figure out precisely which bed dimension to acquire to enhance their bedroom. The first thing individuals have to determine is the specific size of their area. When this dimension is taken, the floor space need to be measured. The next thing to determine is the bedroom design. Customers must consider all other furniture in their bed room and just how it will certainly all fit in to the area without looking chock-full or empty. Continue reading “Choosing the right bed size” »