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Choosing the proper bed height

Tall Nailhead Upholstered Headboard

Tall Nailhead Upholstered Headboard (Photo credits: West Elm)

Age, Height, Mobility and Personal Preference

Comfortable height for a bed frame, box spring and mattress will vary from person to person. Taller people may prefer a taller bed, whereas shorter people may have difficulty getting into and out of a tall bed. Those with limited mobility may need to have a taller bed that allows their feet to reach the floor and lets them sit on the edge without having to squat deeply. Others may require a shorter bed to make it easier to reach the floor in order to prevent slips and falls. For infants, the mattress height must be set according to the height of the crib rails for safety. The top rail of a crib should be 26 inches from the bottom of a 6-inch-thick mattress for children under 35 inches tall. Continue reading “Choosing the proper bed height” »

Platform beds

If someone is looking for contemporary design, with functionality…they should try a platform bed. This is one of the most unique designs on the markettoday.

Platform beds have sleek lines; that add a bold and modern flare to bedroom décor. It exudes elegance in a simplistic “less is more” design. Typically, these beds are on a solid or semi solid frame. It may can made of hardwoods like teak, palm, or ramen. Less typically, it may be made of metal. There is no need for a box spring. The mattress is firmly supported by the frame alone.

The modern style is from a mixture of European and Asian influences. However, the simplistic design will easily fit into any décor theme. Some styles have a simplistic headboard, but many do not have a headboard or footboard. There may also be storage units built into the bed frame. This is perfect for those small cramped bedrooms or those that lack adequate storage space.

The platform bed is always built low to the ground; eliminating the need for bed steps or jumping up to bed. Many people do not have room for bulky bed steps. Plus, bed steps are not exactly design friendly.

Because the bed is low to the ground, it makes it the ideal bed for children, elderly, people with joint diseases, those of short stature, handicapped, etc.. Furthermore, it is also a great way to stay cool in warm climates. Most people know that heat rises. So, of course, the lower to the ground the bed sits…the cooler the occupants will stay.

Platform beds are appealing for a number of reasons. The best part is how it provides such a diverse functionality with a clean design.

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Bed frames

Did you know that you spend up to a third of your life in your bed? Shouldn’t you purchase a good bed frame that will support your back through the hundreds of hours in bed? There are many things that you can look at while shopping for a bed to ensure that you get a good night’s rest!

One of the crucial parts of the bed frame is the supports which are located across the base of the bed. These are often made from metal, or wood. The box frame will rest upon these supports, or in some cases the frames are made so that the mattress can be placed directly on these supports, referred to as “slats”.

Metal bed frames are available for most beds, and come equipped with wheelsor not. These adjustable frames can be secured with bolts, determined by the size of the box spring and mattress to be placed on the bed. These bed framesare among the cheapest, and are available at a wide variety of stores. Although they are not aesthetically pleasing, there are linens available to cover these lines. As an add on, head board are often attached to these metal frames.

If you are searching for a bed that offers more support, higher style, and that may be of higher quality than wooden bed frames are available in a variety of styles. These wooden bed frames offer slats throughout the bottom of the bed and often include an attached footboard, or headboard. These beds are elegant, widely popular and available in many price ranges from two hundred to two thousand dollars depending on the style of the bed, the quality of the material used and the size of the bed frame.

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