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Kids Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are often used as a child’s first big bed after a crib, usually around the age of 2. Before purchasing a bunk bed for your child, you need to consider your needs, how much space you have and your budget. It is important to measure the space you have to find a bunk bed that will fit into the space. Your budget will tell you what type of bunk bed you will be able to afford. Some features you may want are study areas, storage and play features like a tent or slide. All of these will depend on your child’s age and particular likes.

The basic bunk bed is two beds one over the other. The combination can be a twin bed over a twin and or a twin bed over a full size. Most basic bunk bedscan be broken down and taken apart used as two separate beds.

Another popular style bunk bed is the L shape. It has the same beds, but in the configuration of an L. The loft bed is turned at a right angle to the bed on the bottom. This is a good choice only if you have the space for it because it does take up more room.

Other style bunk beds include: loft bunk, futon bunk, study loft and triple bunk. Many of these styles can also be taken apart and used as two separate beds.

To keep your children sage in bunk beds, it is important to:
1. Use guardrails
2. Have no one under 6 on the upper bunk
3. Use crossties under the mattress foundation
4. Not rough play on the bunk
5. Use the ladder as the only way to upper bunk
6. Use a night light when it is dark in the room

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Triple Bunk Beds

Quite often, parents have more children than there are bedrooms in the home. Children like to have their own room, but that is not always possible. At least the children can have their own bed with the use of a triple bunk bed. A triplebunk bed also works great for college students in cramped living spaces, like dormitory rooms.

Because triple bunk beds come in different shapes and sizes, one is sure to find the one they need to fit any space. Different kinds of triple bunk beds include standard triple bunk beds and triple bunk bed lofts.

Standard triple bunk beds are usually made from oak, mahogany, maple, cherry, or pine wood. These are the best choice for a smaller, narrow bedroom. The beds have safety rails installed on the sides to prevent a child from rolling out of bed while asleep. For added convenience, some models of standard triplebunk beds can be taken apart to become three separate beds if sleeping arrangements ever change. This makes buying a triple bunk bed a very cost effective choice because the consumer will not have to purchase new beds if the children move into their own room.

Triple bunk bed lofts are also usually made of solid wood. Instead of three levels, they consist of just two. On the top level, there are two beds that intersect, which leaves the bottom level with just one bed. This construction allows space on the bottom for a desk or drawers, which is convenient in a small room. Choose this type of triple bunk bed to maximize the space in abedroom.

To make a smart decision as to which triple bunk bed is right for them, there are a few points to consider. One is the size of the room and the other is the size of the people that will be using the beds. For younger children, a standard size twin triple bunk bed will be the right size. However, for teenagers orcollege students, an extra long twin bed will be the right fit.

Triple bunk beds of all kinds and made of different materials are becoming very popular because of larger families and the need to conserve space in abedroom. There are a plethora of triple bunk beds on the market and if the consumer does the research, they will be sure to find the one that is right for them.

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Bunk beds

When it comes to designing a child’s space, the idea of bunk beds is never a bad idea. Whether it is to fuel imagination or to save space, bunk beds are versatile and fun pieces of furniture that any kid will enjoy.

The obvious benefit of using a bunk bed is the save spacing quality. Since bunk beds are two beds stacked on top of each other, they are an efficient way to fit more sleeping areas into any give room. This is especially useful for large families in tight quarters. If two children are sharing a bedroom, bunk beds are lifesavers, opening up the rest of the room for the necessary play and work space for two children.

More than being practical, bunk beds are fun. The height of the upper bed and the more enclosed space of the lower bed offer a wealth of creative possibilities for kids at play. Bunk bed can move beyond furniture and turn into toys themselves for the imaginative child.

Bunk beds come in a variety of sizes and materials. From hardwood beds to color metal beds, there are bunk beds for any space and any budget. It is important to keep in mind the needs of the space and the children sharing it when picking out a bunk bed. Look carefully at the guard rails and the ladderto be sure the children can navigate them safely. Be sure the rails and ladderare either movable from side to side and end to end, otherwise it is vital that the bed fits properly in the necessary space.

Whether the desire is to save space or just to jump start creativity, bunk bedsare a great choice for any child.

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Queen Loft Beds

If you are one of those people who have very limited space in your living area, one way that people are finding that allows them to open up more space is by purchasing queen loft beds. These beds are comfortable and they allow you to create more space for you and your possessions. You may find that these beds come in the loft bed form or can be used as a bunk bed when you add a second bed underneath. This allows someone who has very little space that feels cramped with all of your belongings, to open up the room and feel more comfortable.

When you are looking for queen loft beds, you will find that most of them are heavy duty beds that are free standing, they are usually quite rigid for safety, you don’t have to worry that you will fall or that the bed is not sturdy enough for you. It is really a great idea for your child’s room to give them more living space, great for your college student who has a small dorm room and very good for small apartments.

When you are looking for a way to make an overcrowded space cleaner, more comfortable and more stylish, having a queen loft bed will help you to accomplish this. The best thing about this bed is that they are great savers of space. Many items can be placed under your queen loft bed to make your room more productive. You can put another bed underneath so that more people can fit in your room, you can turn it into a workspace for the student with theircomputer desk, or you can make it storage, where you can put a dresser for your child’s clothing or where your child can put his or her toys.

Most of the queen loft beds are made to fit in a room that has 8’ ceilings, which gives you enough headroom to feel comfortable when sleeping. You can use any normal dorm bed with the frame or you can have one custom made for you. The queen loft beds are very safe and most have a weight limit of up to 1000 pounds, which means that the bed is very sturdy and will last a long time. You may even buy the bed unfinished so that you can change the color of the bed to fit the décor of your room. You can buy the bed to fit your extra long child as well because you will find that these queen loft beds come in extra long sizes from 40” to 85”.

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