Wooden toys

While there are many different types of toys lining store shelves nowadays, there are still some timeless classics out there that should not be ignored. Wooden toys for kids are an example of those that can provide children with hours of entertainment without all the fancy bells and whistles. There are several benefits that toys made from wood can provide young children.


Wooden toys do not require batteries. This is great for when other toys die and you have no extra batteries on hand. Children are free to play with toys whenever and wherever, since no additional power source is needed. Since they do not have working motor and other parts, they are less likely to break or need to be replaced. Also, they can be used in any temperature or type of weather since there are no internal workings that could be damaged from such conditions. Also, they are biodegradable, making it easy to dispose of them when your child is done playing with them.

Mental Health

Overstimulation can occur with a number of toys. All the lights, sounds, and movement of plastic gadgets may be too much for some little ones. A wooden toy, while enjoyed by a child, does not provide all the additional stimulation that could cause them to be disinterested. They do not have all the fancy additions, which further your child’s mind to think and be creative. Children are left to create their own play scenarios with toys made from wood.

Physical Health

There are many problems with plastic toys that are produced in China and other countries these days. Some are created with lead paint, which is very dangerous to children if they happen to bit or chew on the toy.

Wooden toys for children are more natural, and remove the risks of a child ingesting a hazardous chemical if they place the toy in their mouth. As long as you choose natural wood toys, you have almost nothing to worry about.


A wooden toy is very strong and will last a child several years. These toys are great for passing down from generation to generation. They do not have a bunch of little moving parts that can be broke off or damaged. Some children can be a little rough on their toys, but most of those made from wood would be impossible to break beyond repair.

As you can see, wooden toys for kids are a great investment. There are many reasons why these toys should be chosen over plastic and other materials. They stimulate the mental health of the child while protecting his/her physical health. They are durable and will not need to be replaced. Most are so strong that they can be hand down to children and grandchildren in the future. These timeless items will be enjoyed for many years.

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