Bedroom Trends to try for 2015

Everyone knows the ideal bedroom must be comfortable, with good lighting, warmth and most importantly, good quality furniture.
Every year, a new trend takes precedence over other and this year’s popular trends include:

Bold textures and colours


Consumers are welcoming colour into their bedrooms and one of the popular shades is Marsala, Pantone’s colour of the year. Other popular hues include shades of yellow and orange. In terms of introducing texture into the bedroom, it’s in the form of rugs, throws and cushions. Other ways to add a bit of drama is through painted feature walls or wooden panels as headboards.

Bringing the outdoors in

Australian’s love the outdoors, and this year the move has been towards bringing the outdoors inside-a popular decorating preference for living rooms. The great thing about this trend is that it works extremely well regardless of how the rest of the house looks.

You can incorporate this trend however much or little you want. As a starting point, look at adding some potted plants in the bedroom. For a little more drama use lager features pot plants. It you want the look but not the effort of taking care of living plants, go for artificial ones instead or use statement artwork.

Simple and minimalistic


Minimalism has always been popular. Achieving that clean and crisp look especially in the bedroom is easy with the right pieces, hues and arrangement. This year, white furniture has come into place in various finishes and shades. Furniture with straight, clean lines has been the preference over more loud pieces. Leather and timber have been the most popular material choices when it comes to bedroom furniture.
People love the idea of keeping it simple. This style is easy to maintain and change as you can add a few other accent pieces to spruce it up.

Start by de cluttering the place and adding furniture that doubles as storage to help keep the room in order.

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